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In a workplace landscape that seems to get ever busier, we’ve seen a real shift towards smarter ways of handling data and making flexible work easier and more accessible for all. Digital collaboration is key here! One standout solution for this is SharePoint Online (SPO).

SPO provides a cloud-based solution for organisations looking to migrate from file servers or on-premises SharePoint

Dale Willemburg

Dale Willemburg

Senior Consultant

Dale is an accomplished and innovative Cloud Architect with 20+ years of experience delivering core infrastructure projects across diverse sectors. He is one of our go-to consultants for all things SharePoint!

He specialises in IT infrastructure engineering and management, IT project management, solutions development, operations management and risk control.

While the migration process may seem daunting, this article aims to demystify the journey, highlighting the importance of thorough planning for a seamless transition.

Common Themes

Before delving into the planning process, it’s crucial to understand the common challenges organisations face when contemplating a migration to SharePoint Online.

These challenges include:

Rapid Adoption without Planning

The sudden surge in the use of Teams, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online during Covid led to massive site sprawl.

File Discovery Issues

The ability to locate files quicky and efficiently becomes a challenge in the absence of a structured system.

Data Organisation and Volume

Unorganised data and overwhelming amounts of information pose challenges in determining where to start the migration.

Need for Speedy Cloud Migration

Organisations are compelled to migrate to the cloud swiftly, leaving little time for tidying up or deduplication.

Security Concerns

Uncertainty about who has access to what makes it difficult to establish a new security model for SharePoint Online.

Limited Time for Data Enrichment

Mapping data enrichment desires for files and folders often takes a back seat due to limited time constraints.

Planning for Success


Secure a Good Migration Partner

Engaging a competent migration partner is paramount. A seasoned partner can guide organisations through the entire migration process, providing insights into staff impact and potential training requirements.

Define Business Requirements

Before initiating the migration, form a committee to discuss and agree on business requirements.

Items to discuss may include:

  • Do we want to allow external access to a few sites and how?
  • Do we wish to allow staff to use personal devices to access the company data in SharePoint Online or must this be limited to company managed devices only?

A good partner can guide you through a comprehensive list of items to discuss and agree before planning the migration at a department level.

Visualisation with Power BI

Visualising the vast amount of data is essential for effective planning. Utilise analytical tools like PowerBI to gain insights into your data and plan the migration accordingly.

Streamline Security

Simplify the security model for SharePoint Online to ensure a robust and manageable structure.

Enrich Your Data

One of the massive advantages of moving your files off a traditional file server onto SharePoint Online is the ability to enrich your data with additional metadata. How about classifying a document as Document Type “Design” and Project Name “Zeus”. This way you can quickly find your files using metadata instead of knowing the filenames.

Consider Platform Interactions

Understand that settings for SharePoint Online can impact OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams. Ensure that implemented controls do not have unintended consequences for these platforms.

Document Design Decisions

Capture all design decisions in a consistent manner before starting the build. Maintain a live document to track changes as the migration progresses.

Empower Users

Encourage users to self-administer their sites and take responsibility for data governance. This frees up IT to focus on advanced features like PowerApps, Workflows, and Forms-Based Automation.

Prepare Your Tenant

Assess the current state of your SharePoint Online tenant before entering the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase. Ensure alignment with the design committee’s configuration settings.

Test Thoroughly

Before migrating live data, conduct rigorous testing with sample data. Verify that the designed sites and functionalities meet the specified criteria. Address any issues related to metadata tagging, encryption, and link expiration.

Quorum Are Here To Help

Migrating to SharePoint Online may initially seem like a complex undertaking, but with meticulous planning and the right approach, organisations can navigate the process smoothly. By addressing common challenges and following a comprehensive planning strategy, businesses can unlock the full potential of SharePoint Online, enhancing collaboration and data management in the digital era.

If your business is seeking assistance with migrating to SharePoint Online, Quorum is here to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for expert guidance and support.





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