Quorum’s interview tips for<br />
less experienced candidates.

Quorum’s interview tips for less experienced candidates.

In June 2015 Quorum made a commitment to the Scottish Business Pledge. As part of the pledge Quorum are committed to supporting young people towards and into employment including placements, modern and graduate apprenticeships, and partnerships with universities.

We want to help nurture the much-needed talent in the tech industry and are always actively looking for ways to do this. We know that some of our younger candidates won’t have had much experience of interviewing and so we asked our Recruitment Resourcer, Tom Francis for some basic hints and tips for those less experienced in interviewing!

Dress Code:

We’re certainly not a stuffy or formal company when it comes to our day-to-day dress and we understand that not everyone has access to the same resources, but we believe with interviews you should aim to look as smart as you possibly can.

  • While it’s not a requirement, a full suit and tie can help you stand out from the crowd, especially if you are going for a customer facing role where this style of dress will be expected. 
  • Basic expectations for a face-to-face interview would be: collared shirt/polo, smart trousers, and smart shoes.
  • Appearance still plays a part for online interviews. I would always advise a smart shirt or polo even for a Teams call (although as long as you don’t plan on standing up, no one will ever know if you’re wearing your pyjamas and fluffy slippers on the bottom half) 😉
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Body Language:

Our brains are always scanning for micro gestures that are given off by those we interview, or even in daytoday life. Studies have shown that over 70% of communication is non-verbal (source). 

  • Practice in a mirror to see how you come across.
  • It can be difficult when you are nervous, but try to be aware of your movements and hand gestures. Being too erratic can distract from what you are trying to say, while staying stuck in one position, using zero hand gestures, or slouching can suggest you are not fully engaged.
  • As far as possible, try to relax and enjoy the conversation, the people interviewing you want you to do a good job, we’re rooting for you!
  • Eye contact is not for all of us. Too much can make some people feel uncomfortable. Too little can make someone seem disinterested. Simply put, be your natural self and do your best to show engagement and interest in the person interviewing you.
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Planning ahead, being punctual, and respectful of others’ time shows your professionalism.  

  • Plan how you are going to arrive for an inperson interview. There’s a lot to take into consideration e.g. method of transport, how long it will take you, parking spaces. Being prepared will also help you feel calmer and more primed for a successful interview. 
  • Try to arrive around 10 minutes prior to your interview time. This shows great organisation, gives you a few minutes to breathe and collect your thoughts and perhaps ask any last-minute panic questions of either myself or Jackie who will have been your in-house recruitment contact. Plus, it’s an opportunity for a comfort break if you suffer from a nervous bladder 😉
  • For online interviews on Teams check your connection, make sure you can get into the call easily and that your camera and microphone are all working and log-on a minute or two early to ensure you’re the first on the call and feel composed.
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The culture and values of Quorum and our employees are very important to us. As well as looking at your skills and experience, we want to know the real you and the reasons you’d like to take on the role and specifically why you’d like to work at Quorum.

  • Always read about Quorum as much as possible. Go through the website, take a look at our candidate brochure and familiarise yourself with the things you find online.
  • Look at our social media channels and get to know the types of things we are interested in. 
  • We don’t expect you to know everything, but try your best to understand who we are, what we do and how we operate. This shows you genuinely want to be part of the team. It allows the interviewer to see just how keen you are and perhaps how well you’d fit into the company. 
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During Interview:

It sounds cliché, but the most important piece of advice we can give you on interviewing is to be yourself, try to stay calm, and remember that, as noted previously, we want you to do well! 

  • When talking through your skill sets, elaborate, go into detail. Do not feel like you have to hold back on the information. We want to hear it and you don’t want to walk out the door feeling like you missed out on key information. 
  • If you’re struggling with nerves or brain fog, it’s perfectly acceptable to bring notes into the interview to refer to – it shows that you’ve prepared really well.
  • We love problem solvers in Quorum, so focus on the positives. Even if you have had a negative experience with a certain technology or work culture, try to demonstrate how you worked your way through it or overcame the situation. 
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The biggest tip I will always give is have questions prepared to ask your interviewer. The chance to ask questions usually comes at the end of an interview, which means that the questions you ask can have a huge impact on how your interviewers remember you.

  • Try to ask a mix of questions about the role itself, about Quorum, and perhaps even about the interviewer.
  • Feel free to take quick notes during the interview so you can remember any questions you’d like to ask at the end.
  • Some example questions you could ask are: 
        • “How long have you worked at Quorum for?” 
        • “What career path did you take to end up at Quorum?” 
        • “If I were offered the job, what would you expect from me in the first week/month/six months?” 
        • How do you evaluate success in this role? 
        • “Is there anything that you don’t think I’ve covered in my answers that I could elaborate on?” 
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