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Quorum Commitment to Success

Andrew Watson, Co-Founder

With over 15 years' commitment to ensuring that our clients extract every possible advantage from their IT investment, we are proud of our clients' successes. This is the measure of our own success.

Operating within a framework of ITIL and Prince2 backed processes, we deliver consistently high quality capabilities that are applied in a wide range of roles from impartial advisor through to full responsibility for service design, implementation and delivery. Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to get to know us better. I hope that you find it time well spent.

Andy Watson, Co-Founder and Consultancy Director



Quorum assumed responsibility for a very sizable challenge; the migration of 30 servers and a user community of over 500 into a virtualised estate with a fraction of the physical and environmental footprint while delivering full redundancy and failover protection. This was a lift and shift exercise that was completed with the absolute minimum of downtime. Quorum worked closely with our system suppliers to affect an apparently seamless transfer with a resulting infrastructure that was smaller, more efficient, over 15% cheaper and more robust than our previous arrangement. We have been very impressed.

Marcus Fernandes, RBSIS Manager at East of England Development Agency

The creation of an internet banking platform in 2009 was a significant step for the bank and we had to be confident that our technology partners could deliver. Quorum not only designed and built a very robust technology infrastructure, but has also continued to work with us to ensure very high levels of security and system uptime. The team knows what it is doing and we have complete confidence in Quorum’s abilities. The level of service is superb, at times well in excess of the terms of our agreement and this is testimony to Quorum’s commitment to our success.

Barbara Watt, Head of IT at Airdrie Savings Bank

We work with a wide range of organisations in addressing their hosting and communications requirements. We have worked with the Quorum team in a number of engagements and we’ve always been impressed by the expertise and approach of the team. What really stands out is their commitment to ensuring that the client gets what is necessary to achieve their objectives even where this requires activities that are not in the original brief – the client’s need is paramount. We haven’t yet seen a client that didn’t recognise and appreciate this.

Chris Shields, Sales Director at Lumison

We operate in the fast-paced market of outsourced customer relationship management. We differentiate on our ability to respond extremely quickly to client requirements and to do this we need to have complete confidence in our own supplier relationships. The team at Quorum has been outstanding. Quorum delivered a more responsive service at a keener price than the incumbent supplier while helping us shape our technology road map – Quorum has impressed us with their commitment to "go the extra mile".

Elaine Swan-Gordon, Head of Innovative Technology at RESPONSE
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Quorum is a business that has continued to grow in even the most challenging external market conditions. Our main advantage is our people. We value those who are a part of the Quorum team and support development needs that both directly relate to the job in hand as well as those that help create a more rounded individual with broader skills.

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